Command of the Oceans Exhibition

Newly opened this year , I was lucky enough to get preview access tickets to visit this prior to its official launch.

I thought I knew a lot about the docks but I discovered many new things . It shows how many ships, including Admiral Nelsons famous HMS Victory , were designed and built . There is a fully narrated interactive tour that explains each step , a costumed member of staff leads you round but there are also some fantastic visual effects (I won’t spoil it by going into details )

View the HMS Victory gallery where’s there’s a huge model of the ship , Nelsons flagship was repaired in Chatham both before and after the battle of Trafalgar

View the people , tools and trades involved

During the renovation of the buildings where the exhibition is housed some old ships timbers were discovered below the floor . Using some detective work these were identified as the HMS Namur . The timbers are too delicate to be removed but they have been preserved and lit up to become part of the exciting exhibition itself

Well worth a visit to the dockyard just for this !


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