Charles Dickens at Chatham Historic Dockyard

Charles Dickens fatherther John Dickens ( 1785-1851) was a clerk in the Royal Navy pay office and during the period 1816 to 1822 the whole family including Charles lived at 11 Ordnance Street in Chatham. Charles would have seen a Chatham and Rochester that was very poor , the prison ships moored on the River Medway and the local Workhouse . Much of his written work was connected with Rochester and its people.

John Dickens was described by Charles as a “jovial opportunist with no money sense” , he was sent to debtors prison twice and often embarrassed his son once he became famous by begging his friends and publishers for loans behind his back . John also sold pages from Charles early manuscripts

Picture of John :-

The paymasters office in the historic dockyard


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