The Timber Seasoning Sheds

There are 2 sets of these as you enter the historic dockside if you look to your left , they are the only surviving examples in the country.

The sheds were built after a visit by the Earl of Sandwich and other Commissioners of the Admiralty board in 1771 , they were dismayed to see that the timbers were poorly seasoned and there were many ships with rotten timbers as a result of poor construction. As a result 75 bays were built in 1775 so that at any one time there was around 3 years stock of timbers seasoning during its peak.

In later years as wooden ship building declined they were converted to store iron due to their location behind the metal workshops.

The dockyard trust still stores wood , floorboards and other architectural bits recovered during renovation elsewhere . This ensures a good supply of correct period parts for repairs and maintenance

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