The Officers Terrace 

The Officers Terrace was constructed between 1720 and 1731 , laid out in a symmetrical pattern with simple small gardens to the front .They vary in size to reflect the different status of the occupiers . There are small servant’s buildings behind and a small paved terrace area between them and the main house . There was access to the servant’s area direct from the horse coach path behind Officers Terrace .

The six larger houses were occupied by the Master Shipwright , the Clerk of the Cheque, the Storekeeper , the Clerk of the Survey and the two Master Attendants. The smaller houses are for the Clerk of the Ropeyard and Master Ropemaker, the first and second Assistant Master Shipwrights , the Master Caulker and The Surgeon.

The Officers gardens were built starting 1719 so predate the main buildings . Access to their gardens is by crossing the coach path behind and via a door so they are separate to the main buildings.Many retain some of the original features. They are all walled gardens which are now very rare.

The houses are all now in private hands although one does offer Bed and breakfast if you read my other blog post about that .

There is a book showing more pictures and drawings of the original gardens and the derelict state both they and the houses were in when the dock closed here


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