HMS Cavalier part 1

HMS Cavalier is the last surviving WW2 Destroyer.

Although not built in the Dockyard , she was as decommissioned there in 1972 and now resides in dry dock number 2 .

She was one of 96 war emergency programme destroyers ordered during 1940 and 1942. She joined the 6th destroyer flotilla , part if the home fleet, seeing service off Norway . She was later despatched to the far East and took part in the battle of Surabaya during the Indonesian National revolution . In 1946 she was sent to Bombay to quell the Total Indian Navy Mutiny.

She was laid off in reserve in May 1946 but then modernised in 1957 and saw further service in Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.

After being decommissioned in 1976 she was purchased by Lord Louis Mountbatten’s led Cavalier trust for £65000 , special warrant being issued to allow her the retain the HMS prefix.

She had a chequered history after that and became neglected after several attempts to make her a commercial museum around the UJ.

In 1998 she was bought by the Chatham historic Dockyard for display .

On 14th November 2007 she was designated as a war memorial to the 142 royal Navy destroyers sunk during WW2 and the 11,000 men who died on them . The unveiling of a bronze monument was carried out by Prince Phillip , Duke of Edinburgh.

There’s a lot more to see and more pictures , I’ll be back with more parts to this article 


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