HMS Gannett

HMS Gannet was launched on 31 August 1878 at Sheerness Royal Dockyard.

She’s a Doterel Class Sloop of composite construction, with wooden hulls over an iron frame and the only remaining ship of the three that were built. The bottom of the Hull is covered on the outside with copper plates , you can see it in the photos below.

Between 1878 and 1895 she saw service in the Pacific, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea ,In 1895 Gannet was decommissioned before being converted into a training ship in 1902 and during that period was called HMS President. In 1913 she was transferred to the boys training school and became known as TS Mercury and converted to a dormitory ship. She remained on the River Humber until 1968 when the school closed .

She was acquired by the Maritime and then later transferred to Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust for restoration . The Heritage Lottery Fund awarded £2,661,000 towards her restoration. The restoration is now complete and the vessel has been re-rigged. She can be seen afloat in Number 3 dry dock at Chatham Historic Dockyard.

it is now possible to get married on her , the ceremony can take place in the Captain’s Cabin, on the quarterdeck or on main deck . More details here


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