Save HMS President 1918

Now sadly just moored up down the road from the historic Dockyard at Chatham Docks , there’s a petition to get funding for her restoration (turned down TWICE by the National Lottery ) , please sign it HERE

HMS President Preservation Trust, the charity that owns HMS President 1918, London’s last remaining World War One ship, and one of only three left has been refused Lottery funding of £330,000 to secure its future and may result in her being scrapped .The trust has a web site here

During WW1 HMS President 1918 was a secret German U Boat Submarine hunter (a ‘Q ship’) shadowing the Atlantic convoys with concealed guns. In WW2 She was used to protect St Paul’s Cathedral from the Luftwaffe.

The Charity’s last resort is an appeal and application to The Treasury for Government funding and it is hoped that our new Chancellor, Philip Hammond who was previously Defence Secretary and aware of the importance of The President to the nation and military, will now step in and save her.


4 responses to “Save HMS President 1918

  1. I joined the RNR in 1983 on HMS President, sadly from what I have heard lottery funding was turned down as the application forms were not completed correctly, and it is looking unlikely that the treasury will stump up the funds, which sadly means this historical ship is destined for the scrapyard. I find this a disgraceful waste of our naval heritage. But mis management has played its part, I would donate but I would be wasting my money as I can not see her being saved then what would happen to all the donations? It is a private company who now owned her.

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  3. I wish i could have signed it, she is a beauty and deserves to be saved for her history. I wish you the best of luck in obtaining the amount of signatures needed!


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