Local Hotels and B&B’s

There’s a bed and breakfast located within the historic dockyard , available on Airbnb at a reasonable rate , the owners are lovely and friendly and you will stay in the famous officers terrace ! Officers Terrace AirBnB.

The nearest hotel is a Travelodge , literally next to the historic dockyard car park , it has a small car park adjacent but also ample overflow parking . It’s very handy to get up in the morning and then stroll to the dockyard entrance

The Ship and Trades Pub Is next nearest and has 15 rooms overlooking the marina . It does a much better breakfast than the  Travelodge ( and cheaper ) so it’s worth the short walk from there for breakfast . It also does very nice food all day , either find a table and order at the bar or book a table online and get table service , worth booking at the weekend to be sure .
Next nearest is Chatham Waters A Premier Inn I’ve no idea what it’s like but it’s a 20 minute walk to the historic docks from there , 15 minutes to the dockside shopping outlet where the restaurants are